It has been awhile……

since I blogged anything about my family!
Well where should I start…
Kailin completed 4th grade and is headed to 5th!!
WOW I feel old!!
Parker is going to 1st grade
Cambree well she still has a few
years before she starts school…
Kailin just got her long hair
cut-off!! she has 12 inches they cut off
and she donated it to
“Locks of Love”!! She thought
it would be cool! Her hair is so
healthy and thick and full it will
make a beautiful wig for someone!!
Parker just likes his little head shaved so
I can do that and it is free!! He is so cute with
his shaved head….I know he wants another
mohawk this summer we cut into a mohawk
a few weeks before school got out and they
sent home a letter saying we had to cut if off!!
I was furious! But did it anyway!
Then at their dance festival there
were other kids with mohawks did their
parents get the same letter we did?!?!?!
Cambree is talking up a storm she loves to talk!!
She definatley is a GIRL!! I don’t think Kailin
talked anywhere the amount the
Cambree is talking! She is potty trained!!
She gets mad at herself when she pees to bed
she said I am not a baby I’s a big girl!
Scott and I are doing good we are
just plugging along and taking
life one day at a time! He is taking the kids
to Montana next month then he and his
sister are going to drive to Ohio for
his cousins wedding. Parker and Kailin are
going to be staying in Montana with
Grandma and Grandpa
on the farm! They are so excited.
Cambree gets to go with
daddy to Ohio! ONLY because
she is still to little to leave with
them for that long!
So I will be free next month nothing to
keep me home or tie me down! I feel a big ole’
party coming my way! Just kidding I will miss
them all a ton!

One thought on “It has been awhile……

  1. The kids are getting so big! Kaitlin has such beautiful hair, that is so awesome that she donated to Locks of Love! Wow, a whole month to yourself?!?!? What are you going to do?

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