Happy Thanksgiving!!

I know it is a few days late but Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

I just want to tell you all of the few things I am thankful for….One being my family who are my strength and support. My three wonderful kids for the joy and happiness they bring into my life. Who always tell me how much I mean to them and how much they love me. I think Parker topped it this weekend he told me “Mama, I love you to the moon and back to our house, then to Grandma’s to Uncle Joe’s to Uncle Monkey’s back to ours 5 times.” Children have such sweet spirits and are so genuine and honest. I often wonder how they can love me so much with how angry I get at them most days. But no matter they love me unconditionally and without strings. I am thankful for my husband who shows me so much love. We may fight and argue but in the end the love he has for me is so real and so deep. He would do anything for me and me for him. I am thankful for my moms, brothers and sister for all they have taught me. Thankful for my in-laws all of them who are family and love my kids like their own. They accepted me and my kids without questions and with unconditional love. I would be ungrateful to not be thankful for my Father in Heaven who has blessed me with all these wonderful blessings and people in my life to make me who I am today.

May all of you find a minute to find a few things you are thankful for!

Hey everyone!

We are all doing well. Cambree just got over bronchitis and an ear infection. Boy was she miserable I think we were more miserable since there was nothing we could really do to make her feel better….I forget about the blog so I haven’t written in forever. I will try to do better!

Kailin is in the third grade she is doing good we went to her parent teacher conference and her teacher said she wished all the kids were as well behaved as Kailin! Made me proud! Now if she would be that good at home..

Parker turns 5 in a week and 2 days. He is still having a hard time with the bathroom thing. It is driving me nuts. He doesn’t care if he is poopy or not he just sits in it…argh!@

Cambree is doing good now she is over her illness and she is getting big. My brother shaved his head and she loves the feel of it she will pull his head close and the rub it it is funny to watch!

Scott is getting his wisdom teeth out next Friday…thank goodness they have been killing him so he is glad!

Me nothing has changed!

Until next time!