American Idol Results

So there I sit waiting to see who goes home first they announce
Anoop Dog as the first one. I was surprised becasue
his performance was AWESOME the
night before. Then we heard Jennifer Hudson
sing her new single. Then it came down
to Lil Rounds and Matt Giraud which
I thought were going to be
in the bottom 3. Then Miley Cyrus sang
her new release “THE CLIMB” which
is from her new movie Hannah Montana The Movie.
(Which by the way Cambree has decided that
Hannah Montana is the best thing in the world….) Ryan sends
Anoop Dog back to saftey!! πŸ™‚
Then it is down to Lil Rounds and
Matt Giraud the tension is building!
I am all begging Lil please please let it be Lil!
Then Ryan sends Lil Rounds back
to the couches!! 😦 DISAPPOINTMENT BIG TIME!!

Matt sings his song which could be for the last time
he performs you could hear his nerves in the first part
of the song. Then it was like
he said screw it and sang from
his soul. He did awesome the whole audience along
with Randy, Kara and Paula
were chanting save him…Simon being Simon was all
I don’t think you have what it takes
to win this competition. You seen Matt’s heart sink into
his stomach then Simon says it is good news. He used the
Judges save the only one they have
and saved Matt for another week!!

I was so excited!

But you know he will probably go
home next week with Lil! Let’s see
what the up coming week brings as it is


and 2 contestants are sent home!

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