American Idol

Okay so I am a BIG FAN American Idol…we are down to the top 7!!!
Here is my scoop and thoughts on each contestant!!
I really love Allison she is young and hip and has an amazing voice and what a show she puts on. Adam has a great voice and is a great entertainer and a heart throb. Danny has that soft romantic voice and a new pair of glasses each week. Kris well he a good artist and can sing about anything.

Allison Iraheta Adam Lambert Danny Gokey

Kris Allen

Matt Giraud Anoop Desai Lil Rounds

Matt he is trying to find his style still he will sing rock one week and R&B the next. Anoop has surprised me with his growth I thought he would be have been gone long ago! Then we get to Lil she has an amazing voice and hit all the notes but she really has no depth to her it is the same thing week after week. I know you are all going to boo me for this but
I really hope she goes home this week!

I am really thinking that Lil, Matt and Anoop will be in the bottom three.
I think after all is said and done Lil will go home!

Let’s see if I am right or not!

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