TOU-Personal Use and S4O Only

Terms of Use

Personal Use and Scrap For Others

This information relates to products marked as “PU” and/or “S4O”.

You can NOT make any money from anything you create with these graphics.

You MAY use the graphics as part of your personal scrapbooking projects, invitation design and similar crafting projects, so long as you do not make money from them in any way.

You may give creations made using the graphics as gifts, but the image in a flattened file (ie, no layers)

You MAY print any of the items in order to produce paper scrapbooking layouts

You MAY make changes such as, but not limited to, recoloring and resizing the graphics in the completion of your project.

You MUST credit the artist when publishing your work into galleries and publications, whether online or in print

You MAY use the graphics to produce freebies which you offer from your blog or website (or other communication method), but this is limited to 2 items unless you have specific permission from me. You must also give credit for my work  and send me a link to the file so that I can download it myself.

You MAY NOT claim any of my work as your own

You MAY NOT use any  items to make money

You MAY NOT distribute (or otherwise make available, including by storage on shared networks) my products in their unaltered form. Nor may you make them available in altered form unless they have been used for their intended purpose and supplied in a flattened state.

You may not use any item to create a logo.

You may not use the graphics to create tubes or brushes.

You may not create brushes and or tubes from any of my products.

With respect to templates, kit designers may use this template in order to create sample layouts for your kit. You may not use it to create quick pages, clusters or anything else of a commercial nature.

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