I am going to try and make this a habit!

I am going to try an experiment…
I am going to try and post
each day something I am
thankful for post for the whole 
month of November.  
Since it is Thanksgiving
this month!  
They say if you repeat an
action so many times it
becomes a habit…

So for November 2nd my first I am thankful for is: 
I am thankful for my kids! 
Kailin for being a great help 
and always helping.
She is a great big sister and 
loves to help 
with her baby sister.
Parker for being such a 
 loving child! 
He is very caring! 
His primary teacher told
me he loves to say the 
pray in class.  He prays for 
silly things like 
Happy Meals for everyone! 
Cambree she is the funniest
little girl with a big attitude!  
She always can make me 
smile even if I am made at her!

Sukori for remembering 
who I am even after I have
been at work for 10+
hours a day. 
She smiles
and kicks her legs and 
waves her arms! She is
a very special little spirit!! 

more tomorrow!

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