All right so I am taking my first 2 classes
since I received my Associates Degree at
Snow College in 2001.

School has proven difficult! What was I thinking
when I decided to go back to school?????

I often have to remind myself the reasons…

1. A better job..a job that I will enjoy and can be
creative while doing it.

2. A better life for my family…hopefully with the
skills I learn at school I will be able to give my
family a better life…not living pay check to pay
check and robbing Peter to pay Paul.

3. An example to my children. I am hoping that
by going back to school I will be able to set a
great example to my kids to show them they
can do what they want! Not to let ANYTHING
stand in their way!

4. To prove to myself that I can still learn and
grow! That I am still able to give my opinion and
have my voice heard! After such a long time of
NOT being able to have my OWN opinion I can
finally speak my mind. Which is funny I was told
this week at work I need to keep my opinion to
myself and not be so opinionated. Well, fui on the

5. Because I can! I have the support of my
wonderful husband and my great children!
Others that are supportive of my decision!

Well, web design world here I come!!

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