Celebrating the last day of school with the animals at the zoo!!

Okay so we let the kids skip the last day of school.
It was only 1.5 hours so what was the sense of
even going. We had a great time at the zoo we got there
about 9 and practically had the whole zoo to ourselves!!
It was so nice!!! Here are some pictures we took.

The Giraffe was eating leaves from the tree! Watching
how he used his tongue was awesome!!

The Bear was playing in the water!

The Rhino was eating right in front of the window!

The elephant was also eating!

Me and the kids

Scott and the kids

Kailin, Parker and Cambree

Kailin and Parker
(Cambree didn’t want to get wet
if the elephant blew his nose and wouldn’t go near it)

Kailin is about as tall as a gorilla but that is about it!

Parker is half the size!

Cambree still needs to grow a bit!!

Inside the Madagascar Exhibit

Parker, Kailin and Cambree

We has a great time~ it was fun to see Cambree
all excited about
seeing the animals she didn’t even want
a toy from the gift shop
she only wanted to see the animals and more animals.
Kailin is really into animals and has
decided she wants to be a vet when she grows up.
Parker was runing from
exhibit to exhibit to see all the animals. He has this thing
for the wolves, but we didn’t see any. 😦

If you go to the zoo be sure to take a DR PEPPER can!!
Buy 1 adult ticket and get 1 free child ticket!!!

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