ABC’s of Me

A – Age: 34 (I am old)

B – Bed Size: King

C – Chore you hate: dishes and laundry

D – Dog’s name: Macy and Bear

E – Essential start your day item: shower

F – Favorite color : Green and Purple

G – Gold or Silver: Gold

H – Height: 5’5″

I – Instruments you play(ed): none

J – Job title: Lead Employment/Eligibility Specialist

K – Kid(s): 3

L – Living arrangements: with my hubby, kids and dogs

M – Mom’s name: Debbie

N – Nicknames: Nikki, Micole, Auntie

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: birth of children, appendix out

P – Pet Peeve: lazy people who don’t want to make their live better

Q – Quote from a movie: Drama Drama Drama

R – Right or left handed: Left

S – Siblings: Joseph, Michael, Desirae

T – Time you wake up: 4:30 am

U- Underwear: Yep everyday

V – Vegetable you dislike: Spinach

W – Ways you run late: alarm didn’t go off

X – X-rays you’ve had: head, arm

Y – Yummy food you make: everything just ask my hubby

Z – Zoo favorite: White alligator

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