Did you watch American Idol last night???
It was Disco night and let me tell you some of them
nailed their songs and some of them
fell flat on their faces!
Kris sang
“She Works Hard for the Money”
by Donna Summers and he nailed it!!
I thought his performance was the best of the night!
Well, besides my favorite Allison!! She did a good
job but it wasn’t one of my favorite performances!
Adam another one of my favorites
had an awesome performance! But when doesn’t
he! Well, I can think of one!
“Ring of Fire” during country week oh boy!
(insert rolling eyes here!!)
Tonight, I am going to say that
Anoop and Lil will be sent home.
But then again it could Anoop and Matt!
or it could be Matt and Lil!
I guess we will wait and see!

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