Well we took a trip to St George! It was so fun…we went down to my cousins house where we spent time with my 2 aunts and my mom and few of my cousins and their kids….there were 21 of us all together and only 7 were adults..It was a crazy weekend. We went to the spin park and they kids had a great time. Aunt Colleen was in from Nevada with Ian. Aunt Brenda was there with Kim and Tori and their kids then mom had me and Jessica and our kids.

Kenzie on the wall, Megan, Kayden, Bailey, Hagen, Kailin, Kanyon, Ian,
Sophia, Cambree, Cody, Lexi, Parker, Kylee and Gage.

Here we have Mom, Bailey, Tori and Ian

This is my cousin Kim and I

Here is Aunt Brenda and Aunt Colleen.

It was a great weekend!! We decided we need need to do this more often so our kids can all get to know each other better!

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